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Comprehensive Skin Cancer Care

At Molechecks we offer skin screening, diagnosis and various treatment options.

Comprehensive Skin Cancer Care

Molechecks Australia has a team of melanographers and doctors that specialise in detecting skin cancer early.

Comprehensive Skin Cancer Care

We provide high quality care and peace of mind in order to help save lives.
Molechecks Australia

Early Cancer Detection can save lives

Our Molechecks system is one of the world’s most thorough skin cancer and melanoma screening programs.

At Molechecks Australia our highly trained Doctors and Melanographers use the latest technologies to significantly increase early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of melanoma and other skin cancers.

Signs and Symptoms

Concerned about a mole?

We have diagnosed over 900 melanomas in recent years – most of them at a very early stage.

If you have a mole which is:

  • Changing
  • Growing
  • Itchy
  • Bleeding
  • New

Then you need this to be assessed as soon as possible. Please book in at your earliest convenience for a screening appointment. If you notice a mole – get it checked.

molechecks Australia

Why Molechecks?

We have been leading the way in comprehensive skin screenings since 1997. We have an outstanding melanoma diagnosis rate with over 900 melanomas diagnosed in recent years – most of them at a very early stage.

Our highly trained Doctors and Melanographers use:

Whole Body Photography

About half of all melanomas emerge on plain skin. This can be detected if we have a photo record of the skin for future comparison.


Dermoscopy is the technology that lets us look through the skin to its structures.

Every Mole/Mark Assessed

A dermoscope is used to assess every mole on the body. In most cases, our patients were not aware of the melanoma on their body.

Serial Monitoring

All moles with abnormal structures are saved digitally. Serial monitoring enables early detection of melanomas and can increase diagnosis to over 90%.

Our Technology

Molemax® technology uses polarised light to create a 30x magnified image on a computer screen. In many cases dermoscopy can require messy oils or gels to be placed on the skin to achieve an enhanced image. Molemax® dermoscopy imaging does not require oil. This means every mole can be assessed without discomfort to the patient.