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Frequently Asked Questions

How are we different to other skin cancer clinics?

Molechecks Australia has been leading the way in comprehensive skin cancer screening since 1997. On the day of your visit, our highly trained doctors and melanographers use whole body digital photography and Dermoscopy (highly magnified image, looking at the top layer of the skin) to assess every mole / lesion on the skin for abnormal features.  Stored lesions are sequentially monitored to detect early skin cancers.  Over 900 melanomas have been diagnosed.

What happens at the initial appointment?

One of our friendly melanographers will perform whole body digital macro photography and a full-body screening of every lesion on your body with a dermoscope. The melanographer will analyse each mole / lesion on your body and digitally store images of any dysplastic or abnormal moles that we will need to watch over time. The visit is painless and takes approximately 1 hour. For the majority of appointments, a doctor will come through at the end of the appointment to consult with you after assessing your images. On the occasion a doctor may not be available, you will receive a phone consult after your images have been reviewed.

Do I need to book in for a whole body screening if I am only concerned about 1 or 2 moles?

No – If you have only 1 or 2 moles or an area (i.e. your back) that you are concerned about, we also have shorter appointments available.

Please note almost all of our patients diagnosed with melanoma were not aware of its presence on their body.

Is a referral necessary?

No referral is required.

What costs are there for a whole body screening?

The fee for an initial whole body screening is $280, plus a doctor’s fee. The doctor’s fee is covered by Medicare rebate. All Molechecks review visits within 12 months of the date of the initial screening are bulk billed. Please note: the fee might increase or decrease at your next whole body screening depending on the number of moles to be mapped.

A $80 deposit is now required to secure this appointment. The deposit will be forfeited for non-attendance or cancellation less than 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Is the doctor on site?

Yes, for the majority of appointments, a doctor will consult at the end of the appointment and assess your images. On the occasion a doctor may not be available, you will receive a phone consult after your images have been reviewed.

What happens at a follow up appointment?

After a 12-month period a melanographer will review the stored images with sequential monitoring and then digitally store images of any dysplastic or abnormal moles that may have appeared since the last screening appointment. Melanoma can develop within a changing mole or grow on an unblemished area of skin.

Image capturing is the only accurate way to compare, review and identify changes. A doctor will compare your images to advise if any of your lesions require treatment or ongoing monitoring.

What should I wear?

Minimal or no makeup is preferred but it’s ok to wear deodorant and moisturiser.

Is it 100% accurate?

No screening is 100% accurate. With eyes alone, doctors can diagnose 40% of melanoma. With dermoscopy, diagnosis can be in excess of 90%. Although with dermoscopy and image capture / comparison, exactly as we use at Molechecks Australia, diagnosis can be closer to 100%.

What if something needs removing?

An accredited day surgery is on site. Our doctors provide theatre procedures Tuesday – Friday. Same day appointments are available, particularly for country patients. Bedford Day Surgery is a licensed private day procedure centre and is accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 and NSQHSS 2017.

Alternatively, we are happy to refer you to a provider of your choice.

Is Molechecks screening claimable through private health cover?

Some private health insurances cover our service. There is no Medicare item number available. Check with your health insurance policy or call your health insurance provider to determine whether they will cover the cost of the appointment. When calling your insurance provider quote “comprehensive skin cancer screening” to check if cover is available.

What if I am running late to my appointment?

We are a very busy clinic and run appointments consecutively. We appreciate you making contact to notify us if you are running late to your appointment. We may not be able to complete your entire appointment in the time remaining. In this case, we can communicate if we will need to reschedule your appointment to another suitable date.

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Over 900 Melanomas Diagnosed

We have an outstanding melanoma diagnosis rate with over 900 melanomas diagnosed in recent years – most of them at a very early stage.

Thousands of basal and squamous cell cancers (more common than melanoma) have also been diagnosed.